Emre Hidekazu Yuasa


Principal, Globis Capital Partners


Emre is Principal at Globis Capital Partners, leading investments mainly in Fintech, AI, Blockchain, drones and internet media. His track record includes GLM (Electric vehicle startup, acquired by O-Luxe Holdings in Hong Kong) and he sits on the board of V-Cube Robotics Japan (drone service), MFS (mortgage and personal credit scoring), Global Mobility Service (auto loan, IoT), Tabi Labo (vertical digital media) and also work closely with Money Design (roboadvsior) and other unannounced investments.


Prior to joining Globis Capital Partners, Emre worked for Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (Tokyo) and KPMG Management Consulting (Tokyo), where he specialized in overseas expansion and Post Merger Integration.


Emre graduated from Harvard Business School (MBA) and Ohio State University (magna cum laude).


Blog (Japanese): http://www.emreyuasa.com/
Facebook: eyuasa | Twitter: @emreyuasa | LinkedIn: https://jp.linkedin.com/in/eyuasa